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Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

College Park Auditorium

Performers must arrive by 1PM



We Are the Atl All Stars

Founded in 1983, All Stars Talent Show Network (ASTSN) uses a "performance-learning" approach to foster the emotional and social development of young people. Based in New York, thousands of urban youth between the ages of 5 and 25 participate in All Stars events including auditions, rehearsals, talent shows and development workshops. The All Stars involves young people from all over, including youth from underserved communities. The phenomenal success of the All Stars Project and its programs have inspired volunteers to build the development program in Atlanta, as well as in cities such as Oakland, Chicago, Newark, Dallas, and Bridgeport, extending this effective performance model for learning and growth.

Why Talent Shows?

Culture plays an important role in our lives. The All Stars’ approach to youth development is based on an understanding that performance is a developmental activity. The youth have the opportunity to “create their own development” through a process of learning how to create stage performances – and new “life” performances.

How Do Youth Get Involved?

Youth and adult volunteers distribute flyers, speak at community centers and schools and set up tables on street corners in the neighborhoods where the performance is to take place. Auditions are usually held in the auditorium of a local recreation center or high school. Every young person who auditions makes it into the show. In addition, participants are related to as producers as well as performers.

How Can You Help?

The success of the Atlanta All Stars depends on the financial support of individual supporters, and has not relied on government or foundation funding. Our financial independence is key to making it possible to develop new ways to approach motivation, learning and development.

The Atlanta All Stars’ engine is our growing and vibrant volunteer program. Volunteers work on publicity, administration, design, donor development, audience cultivation, community outreach, fundraising, performance, ushering and more!

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This is Truly an Amazing Organization where Community Youth come to a positive environment and are not judged, but are able to express themselves through performance and other activities.

— Patrick Smith —


Volunteers are the core of the Atlanta All Stars. They serve in every faction of our organization, from the event staff to the executive members.  We welcome all ages to volunteer with us.  If you have the desire to join us, we have an activity you can assist us with!!!

We need people to assist us with our auditions, shows, workshops, volunteer recruitment, and community outreach.  Youth volunteers have the potential to hold key positions in our events.  For instance, one of our 20 year old alumni rappers is now learning the role of our Talent Show MC!!!

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Executive Director

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